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 Safura impressed Fillip Kirkorov

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MesajKonu: Safura impressed Fillip Kirkorov   Salı Haz. 01, 2010 1:43 pm

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Major Russian star and one of the biggest Eurovision stars from Ukraine Ani Lorak met with Safura in Moscow during her visit and wished all the best to the Azerbaijani star

Safura wrapped up her journey to Eurovision with a bang, making a last-minute promotional stop in Moscow, the capital of the 2009 Contest. The one-day trip on 15 May has been perhaps the most intense and unexpected of all her promotional visits to date.

Safura received a very warm welcome in the Russia, where she has a surprisingly large following. Over a hundred fans from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and five other Russian regions showed up for Safura’s meet-and-greet and autograph session. The room reserved for the occasion just could not fit this suddenly big number of Safura’s aficionados, and the group was steadily spilling into the hall attracting the attention of random passers-by. It was first autograph session for Safura in her life and she got as much fun as she can!

Safura continued her day with a lively press party organized on a cruise boat gliding on the Moscow River. This unusual setting gave the event a particularly romantic touch and provided the participating journalists the intimacy and comfort for a sincere and natural conversation with the artist. And fans surprised Azerbaijani singer again! They were waiting for her near boat. Safura didn’t know about this fans gathering and was amazed by all greetings, cards, posters and presents she received from fans. Guys from Tula even brought their famous honey-cakes for Safura!

Azerbaijani participant to the Eurovision 2010 gave interviews to all major Russian media, among which MTV Russia, Muz-TV, RIA News, Love Radio, NTV, and others. By the way, new romantic French look was created for Safura for this particular occasion.

Extremely tight schedule and lots of hard work continued to be Safura’s signature style during her Moscow trip. She ended her day with a smashing performance at a special exclusive party in Zafferano, one of Moscow’s hottest high-end clubs. Party brought a lot of attention in Russian capital and quickly became one of the biggest this month. As if it wasn’t enough for the young Azerbaijani star, Safura agreed to do an impromptu question and answer session with the guests and journalists at the party. After that, Safura performed three songs – ‘Drip Drop’, ‘Soulless’ and Azerbaijani native one. Guest where speechless – they’ve couldn’t believe that this young tiny girl really got this incredibly powerful voice! One of the biggest Russian stars Fillip Kirkorov pointed out that Safura can bring next Eurovision to Azerbaijan next year and said that he will defiantly vote for her. Ukrainian star Ani Lorak who came to Moscow especially for this party said that she is truly amazed by Safura’s voice. Safura was succeeded on the stage by AySel, Azerbaijan’s 2009 Eurovision representative, who came to Moscow to support Safura and see her off to the Contest.

Following her Moscow trip, Safura is flying straight to Oslo for the Eurovision. Promo tour is over but the main trial is on the way! Don’t forget to check out updates at our site!
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Safura impressed Fillip Kirkorov
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