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 Safura on a prestigious 5th place

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MesajKonu: Safura on a prestigious 5th place   Salı Haz. 01, 2010 1:17 pm

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In a Contest with several strong favourites vying for the ultimate prize till the last minute, Safura gave a truly breathtaking performance finishing on a prestigious 5th place. For Azerbaijan, which has participated in Eurovision for the third time only, Safura’s act continues a strong and stable trend of top 10 ESC performances.

Safura’s next stop and the most important challenge of her life after Eurovision will be to conquer Europe. The artist has signed a 5-year contract with an international group of Swedish and Ukrainian producers, and her debut album titled “It’s my war” is scheduled for a European release in June 2010.

Just as Safura and her producers intended, Eurovision did help Safura become a rising European star. Indeed, Safura’s song and video Drip Drop had gained significant popularity even before the Contest, enjoying TV and radio rotation in 20 countries as diverse as Germany and Croatia, Bulgaria and Slovakia, Romania and Russia, Turkey and Serbia, Georgia and Greece. In reality, Safura is the first ever Azerbaijani artist who lays claim to genuine European popularity and recognition.

In the 2010 Contest, Azerbaijan again achieved its ongoing ambition and goal – give Europe an outstanding act to remember and assert itself on the cultural map of the continent. Safura, the ITV channel and Azerbaijan would like to say their heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported Safura and her song Drip Drop in Eurovision. This incredible support is a great incentive for Safura to work on bringing her first album to Europe and for Azerbaijan to produce ever more powerful and colorful Eurovision acts.
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Safura on a prestigious 5th place
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