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 Safura nearly drowned during the shoot!

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MesajKonu: Safura nearly drowned during the shoot!   Salı Haz. 01, 2010 2:03 pm

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In order to work around the clock on Safura’s ‘Drip Drop’ music video and to do the very best to capture the astonishing palette of ‘Drip Drop’s emotions on tape Euromedia and Luxen Group of Companies had gathered a stellar team: a world renowned director Rupert Weinwright, celebrity choreographer JaQuel Knight and a famous Hollywood stylist Tanya Gill.

The shoot took place in Kiev on the weekend of April 16th and turned into a life changing experience for Safura not only because it was her first music video but also because literally her life was on the line.

A non swimmer, Safura who is scared of water since childhood had to spend almost eight hours in the five star hotel spa pool for a number of scenes. At first everything went smoothly. Having taken quite a few excellent shots, the crew was winding down a bit marveling at the work done so far. Then during another underwater take when Safura was wrapped in huge cuts of silk she had surfaced to get some air and all of a sudden the strap of fabric covered her face. “I will never forget this moment. It was so shocking. I’m very grateful to the team of professionals who saved my life. It was indeed scary,” Safura said afterwards. The wet silk turned out to be so heavy that Safura couldn’t deal with it by herself. She almost drowned in the body of water 2.5 meters deep! Fortunately, the lifeguards were alert and the situation was instantly defused. “I thought this is it, this was going be the end, and she would not do any more filming in the pool,” said Rupert Wainwright, director of the music video. That was a dramatic moment with the whole crew just staring silently as Safura leaned over a friends shoulder composing herself. And then she just lifted her head and said: “Ok, I’m ready, we can do one more”. Wainwright was amazed. “She is such a trooper, I couldn’t believe it! A lot of actresses would just refuse to continue. At such young age she is astonishingly strong!”
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MesajKonu: Geri: Safura nearly drowned during the shoot!   Cuma Ara. 16, 2011 1:20 pm

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Safura nearly drowned during the shoot!
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